Lace Wig Training System (Legacy Edition)

Create Beautiful Lace Wigs and Frontals FAST! | taught by Marquetta Breslin

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Create Beautiful Lace Wigs and Frontals FAST!
Marquetta Breslin
Marquetta Breslin

Course Curriculum

Lace Wig Learning Center (Bonus Videos)
Aftercare/Miscellaneous: Can I Use Opera Lace On My Frontal
Aftercare/Miscellaneous: What Adhesive Should I Use On My Client (Video)
Aftercare/Miscellaneous: Can I Style My Wig After Attachment (Video)
Aftercare/Miscellaneous: How Long Can A Lace Piece Be Worn (Video)
Aftercare/Miscellaneous: What Shampoo & Conditioner Do You Recommend (Video)
Aftercare/Miscellaneous: Can I Restore A Dull/Dry Wig (Video)
Aftercare/Miscellaneous: Do You Recommend Sealing My Knots
Aftercare/Miscellaneous: Can Natural Hairlines Be Damaged (Video)
Aftercare/Miscellaneous: Should I Use Any Products Before Application (Video)
Aftercare/Miscellaneous: What Is The Best Way To Prep The Hair Under The Wig (Video)
Aftercare/Miscellaneous: Should I Use A Magnifying Lamp (Video)
Aftercare/Miscellaneous: What If My Client Has a Widows Peak (Video)
Aftercare/Miscellaneous: What If I My Client Has Allergies (Video)
Aftercare/Miscellaneous: What Do I Do If I Have An Allergic Reaction To Adhesive (Video)
Aftercare/Miscellaneous: Should My Hair Be Dry Before Application (Video)
Aftercare/Miscellaneous: Is It Possible To Thin Out A Wig If It's Too Heavy (Video)
Aftercare/Miscellaneous: How Long Will My Wig/Frontal Last (Video)
Aftercare/Miscellaneous: Should I Shampoo The Unit First (Video)
Aftercare/Miscellaneous: Why Do Some Wig Makers Bleach Their Knots (Video)
Aftercare/Miscellaneous: How Do I Use Galloon (Video)
Marketing/Business: What Should I Charge For A Wig/Frontal (Video)
Marketing/Business: Will You Send Us Referrals (Video)
Marketing/Business: Do I Need To Be Licensed To Sell & Make Lace Wigs (Video)
Hair Preparation & Coloring: Where Should I Purchase Hair From (Video)
Hair Preparation & Coloring: How Much Hair Do I Need To Complete A Frontal (Video)
Hair Preparation & Coloring: How Do I Color A Premade Wig (Video)
Hair Preparation & Coloring: How Do I Alter Hair Texture (Video)
Hair Preparation & Coloring: How Do I Make A Weft (Video)
Adhesives & Materials: Do I Need A Combo Of Adhesives (Video)
Adhesives & Materials: When Would You Recommend I Use A Wig Cap (Video)
Adhesives & Materials: Is There An Alternative To Using Adhesives (Video)
Adhesives & Materials: What Is An Average Size Wig Block To Start With (Video)
Ventilating 101: What Density Should I Use (Video)
Ventilating 101: Can I Ventilate Curly Hair Instead Of Straight (Video)
Ventilating 101: How Are Baby Hairs Added To The Wig (Video)
Ventilating 101: Can I Use Tulle To Make A Wig (Video)
Ventilating 101: Should I Always Use A Double Knot (Video)
Ventilating 101: What Can I Use To Practice Ventilating On (Video)
Ventilating 101: When Do I Use A Single/Double Knot (Video)
Ventilating 101: When Do I Use A Split Knot (Video)
Ventilating 101: How Do I Ventilate My Client's Wig For Bangs (Video)
Ventilating 101: Can I Ventilate A Pre-Made Cap (Video)
Ventilating 101: What's The Difference Between Cuticle/Non-Cuticle Hair (Video)
Ventilating 101: When Do I Use A Cross-Knot (Video)
Repairs: How To Sew With A Ventilating Needle (Video)
Repairs: How Do I Repair A Hole In A Wig (Video)
Repairs: How Do I Repair A Tear In My Wig (Video)
Repairs: How Do I Fix A Wig That's Too Small (Video)
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